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I’ve heard that Master Jou Tsung Hwa taught a qigong that involved making yourself as big as possible – expanding the arms, spine, legs, vision, hearing, breath, consciousness, etc…and then contracting as small as possible. It’s quite a fun practice.

Sensei Charles Cross would do a meditation at the beginning of Aikido classes with a similar flavor – bringing your breath/awareness to the very center of yourself, smaller and smaller. And then extending as far as possible, encompassing everything.

heather sent me a link yesterday to The Scale of the Universe 2. This is a nifty little website that lets you zoom from Quantum Foam (theoretically the foundation of the fabric of the universe, at 0.00000000001 yoctometers in size…really really small) out to the observable universe (93 billion light years) in relation to the estimated size of the universe (at least 160 billion light years).

In between, there’s everything from the Tarantula Nebula and the Pillars of Creation to Pluto, Rhode Island, Central Park, saguaro cactus, human, hummingbird, grain of sand, mist droplet, helium atom…and many things in between.

I have no idea what motivated Cary and Michael Huang to create this website. Who knows, maybe they were students of Master Jou or Sensei Cross. Give the site a look – it’s a fun ride from feeling quite giant to microscopic.