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The Natural Arts Center provides workshops in traditional therapies – including cupping, scraping, and massage.

No previous experience is required for most of the workshops. Massage, cupping, and scraping are age old methods of caring for yourself and your loved ones – practiced all over the world in one form or another.

All of our workshops and most of the classes can be used as Continuing Education for Oregon LMTsFor more information about classes, workshops, and private lessons, email.


While we’re still in a pandemic, all classes and workshops will be over Zoom (unless otherwise noted). I send out the nitty-gritty specifics when you register, but in general you’ll need a computer with a camera and microphone. And of course an internet connection.

You’ll get the most out of these workshops if you’re set up so I can see your whole body and what you’re doing. Setting up a quiet, well-lit space ahead of time is well worth the effort.

Students will need to agree to no recordings of classes (audio or video) – everyone needs to be free to ask the weirdest questions that pop into their minds…without fear of it ending up on YouTube or Facebook.


Jim Madras (Oregon LMT #7853) has been a massage therapist in Marcola Oregon practicing since 2002 – specializing in Thai bodywork since 2008. In addition to teaching continuing education classes on cupping, Thai compresses, and topical herbs for bodywork, his private practice is focused on chronic pain and helping patients with simple and effective self care practices.



Sensei Charles Cross

Natural Arts Center was started by Aikido Sensei Charles Cross. At the time (early/mid 2000’s), Charles was teaching Aikido, I taught taijiquan & qigong, Elizabeth (Charles’ senior student) taught yoga, and we hosted workshops on related topics from various folks.