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The Naga Center in Portland is a school for traditional Thai medicine, run by my teacher Nephyr Jacobsen. Nephyr is an amazing teacher and bodyworker and the Naga Center offers weekend workshops and five day intensives on Thai massage, cupping, scraping, herbs, Thai language classes…and study trips to Thailand.



Seven Peppercorns, by Nephyr Jacobsen. Since Nephyr is my Thai Medicine teacher…I’m a bit biased. But, if you want an amazing book on Thai bodywork – and an overview of how bodywork fits in Traditional Medicine – this book is for you.




Thai Herbal

Thai Herbal Medicine, by Nephyr Jacobsen & Pierce Salguero. Theory, application, history, recipes – if you want to start (or continue) using topical herbs in your bodywork practice, this book is invaluable. Compresses, liniments, balms – and formulas for self care.




A Tooth From the Tiger’s Mouth, by Tom Bisio. This is a fantastic book on Chinese injury medicine – step by step instructions on various formulas you can make as well as over the counter products that are worth their weight. Bisio does a fantastic job of explaining the differences in theory and practice of injury treatment in the east and the west.



Health Traditions – Bruce Bentley’s ‘essays‘ section has some great articles on herbal steams & saunas, in addition to his ever growing collection of cupping & gua sha articles.


Urban Therapeutic – Brenda Stebbed’s local “all things bodywork” shop. Brenda keeps the best pre-made topicals on her shelves…just waiting for you. If she doesn’t have it, she can get it.


Modern Herb Shop – Melanie Fine is your one-stop shopping center for Chinese medicine topicals. And she has easy to find information, including ingredients, uses and cautions for each.