Private Study

One of the best and easiest ways to learn new material is to set up your own study group – a bunch of folks interested in the same thing that can get together for a private class or workshop, and continue studying and practicing together. Study groups tend to progress rapidly and dig deeply into the material.

Private or semi-private (small group) instruction has been my favorite method of study- both as a student and as a teacher. Setting up a private or semi-private class is easy, and a great way to focus on the material you or your group is interested in.

The study group format is ideal for:

  • studygroupIndividuals or small groups with a specific goal. For instance, groups dealing with specific chronic pain issues; qigong, taijiquan, or bodywork to support other areas of study; people who regularly train together.
  • Deeper study in a particular skill.
  • Couples or training partners that would like to incorporate massage into their regimine.
  • Anyone who is unable to commit to an on-going class.
  • LMTs in need of CEs.

While private lessons have the advantage of individualized attention and focus, they do lack the benefits of learning in a group situation. Training partners are invaluable when undertaking any kind of study – and the study group combines the strong points of the private lesson and the group class.



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[Starting your own study group is actually quite easy.]