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Workshop Policies

Registration & Cancellation:
Pre-registration is required for all workshops. You can canel up to 2 weeks before the workshop date and receive a full refund (minus the credit card processing fees). Of course, if the class is cancelled for any reason – you’ll get a full refund.
General Class info:
Classes at the Natural Arts Center are kept small (between 4 and 9 students, depending on the subject). It’s important that before signing up for a workshop, be sure you will be able to be there the entire time. Your fellow students are counting on you – for your input during class, and for your feedback when you’re the practice body. If you know ahead of time that you would need to leave early/arrive late – talk to me before registering.
Let me know ahead of time if you have any physical issues – sight/hearing impaired, recent surgeries/injuries, medications or conditions that would prevent you from receiving the work. If you are pregnant, email me. Most of the time, there’s a work-around.
Many (most) of the workshops can involve topical herbs of some sort (balms, liniments, compresses, etc). If you have a sensitivity or allergy to specific herbs (or strong smells in general), let me know ahead of time. 
All of the workshops are taught through a Thai Medicine lens, and are taught on floor mats. If you are unfamiliar with floor work, the body positions and dynamics are very different than table work. Time will be set aside toward the beginning of each workshop to get everyone working safely and comfortably – most students are surprised how easy floor work is on the hands and wrists.
If you have any questions, feel free to text, call, or email.