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Cupping | Cold & Flu Season

6 CEs for Oregon LMTs
email for upcoming dates | $108

This workshop is for experienced cuppers, who are already quite comfortable with the ins & outs of cupping. While totally possible to use these sequences/strategies with any kind of cup…it’s definitely geared toward fire cupping.

coldIn this workshop you’ll learn two different cupping sequences traditionally used to deal with the nastiness of the cold & flu season. Easy to learn and quick to perform – a full treatment can last 10-20 minutes. We’ll also cover pre & post treatment options, including a few topicals that make already great treatments even better.

Workshop material will include:

  • safety for the client and practitioner
  • effects of cupping treatments
  • safely working with fire cups
  • moving/sliding cupping sequence
  • intermittent/flash cupping sequence
  • pre & post treatment care

We’ll also spend some time on the tell-tale cupping marks – what they are, and what they mean. And how you can use them to determine treatment and post treatment strategies.
Registration Pre-registration required. Workshop taught by Jim Madras, LMT #7853.

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