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Cupping Series

Designed for experienced cuppers, these casual, short (2 ½ hours or so) classes will let you dig in to various aspects of cupping – and accumulate some CE hours along the way. Classes will be held over Zoom, and the goal is to have at least a couple sessions per month. 


Some topics we’ll explore:

    • A general refresher – if you haven’t been cupping for a while…this will get you back up to speed.
    • An overview of different types & styles of cups available – strengths, weaknesses, and picking the best tools for the job.
    • cupping for cold & flu
    • massage cupping
    • Topicals – building your “must have” kit of balms & liniments.
    • cupping for scar tissue
    • bumps & bruises, aches & pains
    • Abdominal cupping
    • Using Thai herbal compresses in conjunction with cupping.
    • Joint Mobilization Exercises – for processing the work during a session, for patients to continue the work after the session…and great for the cupper, too.
    • …and whatever else comes up along the way

The first session will be Monday April 29th, noon – 2:30ish (Pacific), and we’ll focus on the basics. A refresher course for those who haven’t cupped in a while, and are itching to get back into it. Or for anyone that simply wants to brush up on their skills.

After that, we’ll set up times/dates that work for the majority of folks interested. So if you can’t make the first session – but are interested in the material and want some input or info on the next session – text me.

For sharing files (handouts, articles, etc), questions between session, and just generally connecting with other cupping geeks – there’s a Telegram chat group set up for those purposes. If you’re not familiar with Telegram…it’s free, easy, and plays nice with all the different devices and platforms.

The cost (at first, anyway) will be sliding scale, donation. Upon registration, you’ll be sent a Zoom link and some pre-workshop reading. You’ll need a Zoom account (free), a working camera & mic, a distraction-free space, and a tasty beverage of your choice.

These classes will not be recorded, and students are encouraged to bring any and all questions and examples from their practice – the weirder the better.

Contact Jim Madras (LMT #7853) to register:

email –
text – (541) 579-6663

Workshop policies