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Thai Herbal Compresses

Live Online Workshop | email for upcoming dates
3 Contact CEs for Oregon LMTs  |  $54

If you’ve never experienced Thai herbal compresses, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them. A generous handful of herbs bundled in a cloth, steamed, and used on the body to melt even the most stubbornly bound tissue – compresses require almost no effort to use and work very very quickly. And they smell fantastic.

For this class we’ll be using pre-made compresses from Thailand, and practicing on ourselves (compresses are, by far, the easiest and most effective self-care tools I’ve run across).


Here’s what you’ll need:


  • A Zoom account (free).
  • At least 2 compresses (like these).
  • A way to steam the compresses. This is the steamer I use, but anything similar (including a stovetop steamer) would work.
  • A couple of hand towels/dish towels to wrap the compresses while they’re steaming hot.

No previous bodywork experience is necessary, pre-registration required. Workshop taught by Jim Madras, LMT #7853.

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