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Traditional Tool Chest

The Cupping Fundamentals and Thai Medical Scraping workshops include 4 Ethics/Communications hours for Oregon LMTs. Any of the workshops can be scheduled for your private group (4-8 people) – email Jim for more information.


Cupping | Colds & Flu   7 CEs
Friday, January 18
This workshop is a great intro to cupping for the bodyworker, and a fantastic addition to the home medicine chest. No experience with bodywork or cupping is necessary.


Cupping | Fundamentals
Friday – Sunday, February 8-10
21 CEs, includes 4 hours of Ethics/Communications for Oregon LMTs
By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to safely, confidently, and effectively integrate  cupping with whatever style of bodywork you do – Swedish, Thai, deep tissue, myofascial release, Shiatsu, lymphatic drainage…the possibilities and applications are endless.


Thai Medical Scraping
Friday February 22
7 CEs, includes 4 hours of Ethics/Communications for Oregon LMTs
Known as gaan krôot in Thailand, cạo gió in Vietnam, guā shā in China – scraping is a practice that is easily and seamlessly added to any bodyworker’s practice.


Topical Herbs
Saturday & Sunday, February 23-24
14 CEs, includes 4 hours of Ethics/Communications for Oregon LMTs
Thai herbal compresses, balms, liniments, plasters…the whats whens whys and hows. No experience with bodywork or herbs necessary.


Cupping | Non-Fire Methods   14 CEs
Saturday & Sunday, March 9-10
We’ll spend the weekend focusing on modern silicone and squeeze bulb cupping tools – to work fascia, stretching tissue, releasing scars and other adhesions, face & neck cupping. And working areas that are a bit tricky with fire cups. Pre-requisite – Cupping Fundamentals (or equivalent).


Cupping | Massage Cupping   14 CEs
Saturday & Sunday, April 6-7
Expanding on some of the material introduced in Fundamentals, we dig in to some of the wonderful methods of working tissue with negative pressure. Pre-requisite – Cupping Fundamentals (or equivalent).